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About Amber Gifford

Amber’s love for real estate comes naturally. She utilizes her creativity to tell a story of what could be by providing her clients the vision through their own eyes. “I’ve always loved creating and telling stories. What a better story to create than one of a new beginning that starts at the front door”.
Scotty, a Meteorologist by trade and graduate of Texas A&M University, then sought after real estate investing to secure a brighter future. His desires lead to share his knowledge and help others in real estate transactions lead him to choose this career path full-time.
Scotty and Amber met at a real estate event and have since become engaged and plan to marry in 2021. Together they have an extensive background in real estate, sales, administration, and management. They pride themselves on their communication skills with not only their clients but with each other. Together they work as a team by exhibiting strong negotiation skills and showing the utmost integrity and honesty.
While helping clients find and sell their homes is a top priority for both Scotty and Amber are passionate about helping others through life-changing transitions in real estate. They have dedicated their real estate careers to helping those couples going through one of life’s most stressful situations, divorce. They speak the truth, have compassion and understanding during these difficult times that can be so emotional.
Both Scotty and Amber have personal experience in divorce and child custody.
Together they work closely with clients to help ease the transitions while assisting them with house homework that will allow their clients to continue homeownership eligibility and credit of both spouses.
Scotty and Amber are professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, exhibit empathy, and share the mentality that their clients’ future is important to us.

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